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This is likely a service provider issue and not something that can be fixed by Ehell , but I thought I'd mention it . I often browse on my phone and I have found that my phone does not interact well on this site. My auto spell checker doesn't come up and I find it very difficult edit my posts. For some reason I can only insert the editor every 10 words or so.
Anyhow, I find it takes me a long time to post and my posts are riddled with errors. If anything could be done to fix that, it would be great.

I can't do anything complicated on my iPhone because the screen is just too small for all of the features to fit and work conveniently and I can't edit because of the size, even with a stylus. I get lost on what step I am trying to do. I read and send short e-mails, read Facebook and sometimes post a short status or 'like', only read eHell, and look information up when we are traveling. I marvel at people who do more.

Usually it is a telephone, address book, alarm clock, and wi-fi router.

In case you are interested, my iPad works beautifully on eHell except for the spellcheck feature which just doesn't work reliably, but I blame that on Safari, not eHell.

I did start a thread asking the mods about getting the forum tapatalk enabled which make iphone browsing SO much nicer, but they've never acknowledged the post.


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