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Author Topic: Ah! So that is where my data goes to  (Read 15107 times)

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Re: Ah! So that is where my data goes to
« Reply #30 on: September 06, 2012, 02:15:20 PM »
I'm another for "Just Say No." You don't have to justify this. If he wants additional service, he can arrange for it, but it's not your problem.


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Re: Ah! So that is where my data goes to
« Reply #31 on: September 06, 2012, 02:47:42 PM »
Oh and another salient point but maybe not. Who knows. You fine people can decide.

The bill is in my name but is paid via a trust management account which is then offset against another trust account for tax purposes. There are 4 connections of which mine is one. To actually upgrade the plan would require the authorisation of the accountant and If I say it is so he can watch football on he internet the likely responses would be...

"Get stuffed"
"Are you kidding me?"

Mainly because if we were to be audited there would be this nebulous crossover between business and private usage which opens up a whole can of worms with the Tax department. Believe it or not our Inland Revenue inspectors here are pretty dingdangity awesome and they still owe me a Chocolate Fish (a marshmallow chocolate treat generally used as a reward for children and a common saying for when you do something well) for a bet I made with them once but I don't like pushing into their 'grey areas' as it makes me uncomfortable.

Also any increase in the monthly charge that they would cover would have to be paid direct into the account which just creates a headache for the person doing the books and I really can't be bothered explaining the financial setup behind it to them.

^ What I'm reading here is details details details it would be way more of a hassle then its worth and I really don't want to do this...

So just say "no".  Don't explain or anything beyond "look I'm sorry this is frustrating for you but no.  I was very clear with you before you moved in what the data limits were.  You agreed to them.  I'm sorry you are experiencing overages, but really that's on  you to resolve.  There are several reasons why me changing my plan would not be feasible for me and I'm not going to do it or even justify my answer.  Other then this you are lovely tenants and I would be happy to continue our arrangement as it stands, but nothing is going to be changed on the plan."

Yet again you win the thread! I'm going to use this approach and I really can't be bothered going into too many details about it with him. It stays as it is and if he wants to make his own arrangements he is more than welcome to do so.


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Re: Ah! So that is where my data goes to
« Reply #32 on: September 06, 2012, 03:04:25 PM »
As a question, why does what he is using the bandwidth for matter?  As a tenant, I'd be livid if my landlord decided whether my usage of the internet was valuable or not.  Does anyone else's landlord decide if their choice of internet content is worthy of then bandwidth required to view it?

If you are worried about pirating, take steps to limit that, don't use that as a red herring since he apparently has enough bandwidth to do that with the current usage.

If your concern is your accountant wanting to know why you want a bigger cap, the appropriate answer is that one of your tenants is asking for more bandwidth, nothing to do with what the tenant is using it for.  I'm not sure how this is different from any other use of the internet by your tenants, whether to have a video conference with their dying relative or otherwise.

Are you being inflexible, yes, you appear to have decided you don't think it's worth doing because of the content he views and thus won't do it.  On the other hand, being inflexible is certainly your right.  If he will pay the difference and then pay any fees to upgrade or downgrade, it doesn't seem to me to be a big issue, but again, you have the right to refuse.

You can certainly just say that he can work within the terms he agreed to or leave since the internet issue isn't changing.

He could be spending 7 hours a day on skype as well and the issue would still be the same. He is using way more than he agreed to. It's causing a problem for him and he wants me to fix the problem. Dial up speed is not and issue for me. I don't think they had broadband in their last place and so now he has access to it he is going a bit crazy with it.

if you think of it this way as I think the football issue is getting in the way. They have a huge spa bath in their bathroom. They can use it if they want but it drains the downstairs hot water and there is none left for anyone else. Now if they choose to have long bubble baths every night because they really enjoy them, that is their problem. He can't come to me and ask me to put in a bigger hot water cylinder because there is not enough hot water. It doesn't impact on me as my bathroom upstairs has it's own supply. My response to that would be 'No, you just need to learn to manage your usage better.' He could offer to pay part of the cost but it still would not be feasible for me to do so.