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He tipped his hat!

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I was in the yard today by the front fence and two middle aged guys went by.  They were just dressed regular, in jeans and sweatshirts and baseball caps.  When they walked by one just looked straight ahead, but the second man .looked at me, smiled and tipped his cap.  I was impressed!  I haven't seen that once-common gesture of respect for many decades.  I told my husband about it and he was wishing he had seen it, too.  His dad always wore a hat and tipped it to ladies.  My dad wore a white cap and tipped it, too.  It was neat and  made my day.

*presses invisible "like" button* ;D

How charming! I don't think I've ever seen a man do that. If I were single, that would really work on me.  ;D

Free Range Hippy Chick:
Oooh, the memories! Thirty years ago in Cambridge (in the UK, not the US) I saw a man I knew, dressed in white flannels, and a striped blazer, and a boater - I think he was working as a punt guide on the river, and the tourists liked to see the guides dressed 1930s style. He was on the other side of the road, but he saw me and lifted his hat, and I bowed to him, and the tourists squeaked at both of us!

I do remember being so flattered, out of all proportion to the event!

pearls n purls:
A couple months ago, I was stopped at a busy intersection in the right turn lane.  A pedestrian was crossing, and as I've been almost hit as a pedestrian by cars turning right, I made eye contact with him so he knew that I saw him and would wait for him.  He smiled and tipped his hat at me.  Totally made my day.


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