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S/o of a couple of things - Fortnight: Unusual or not

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I don't know that I'd say it is a big word but rather that it overly complicates things.  If I talk about time I say that it took a week or I will see you for a week.  It seems kind of silly to switch from talking about week(s) to fortnight.  It lacks continuity.

It isn't used in the U.S. I only know it from British literature and songs. I'll occasionally throw such Britishisms as "loo" and "telly" into my own speech for variety, but I don't do that with "fortnight."

I'm American, and I use it sometimes, but not often. I don't see it as pretentious, but it's just not a word I hear every day.

Outdoor Girl:
Those of us in North America who read British literature are used to reading 'fortnight' and 'stone' but they aren't words we use here, even north of the border where we have a closer tie to the UK.

It is definitely not used in conversation in my area (midwestern US). I think I learned it from a book of fairy tales, and to this day I've mostly seen it in the fantasy fiction I've read. It's a word you might use when you're writing, to sound pretty and old-timey, but if you dropped it into conversation, probably only the avid readers would even know how many days you meant.


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