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oz diva:
Here in Australia the most common way to treat pumpkin is as a savoury vegetable. We roast it, we turn it into soup and occasionally we make it into pumpkin scones.

What do you do with pumpkin?

Carve it at Halloween, and that's about it  >:D

I am not a huge fan of pumpkin but I have seen it in soup and such - also the ever famous pie.  I have seen pumpkin cookies and bread. People sometimes eat pumpkin seeds...

gramma dishes:
We carve the pumpkin into a Halloween decoration and throw all the "meat" down the garbage disposal.  But we certainly save and roast those wonderful seeds!  Ah yes ... yum, yum.

My pumpkin for pie baking comes from a can labeled Libby's.

My cousins French husband was most bemused when my mother served roast pumpkin as they use it as animal feed there.


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