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I'm not sure about this one, so I'd love to see some responses and get some varied opinions.

 Background:  Every fall we throw a big party and invite everyone we know.  It's open house, so guests are coming and going all day.  We usually have around 150-200 people attend.  Even though it's not a potluck, many people bring food, which means we could have 20 or 30 desserts and treats at the party in addition to the various dips and side dishes that guests bring. 

As you can imagine, this is a huge temptation for someone on a restricted diet.  My husband is a diabetic, and he, my daughter, and I are all on a carb-restricted diet.  So is one of our guests, a friend of my daughters' who is also diabetic.  I make a really good low carb, sugar free cheesecake that I am thinking of making for the party so that those of us with restrictions can enjoy ourselves.  Unfortunately, it really is a good cheesecake and most of my friends have had it before and love it.  I am going to make a regular cheesecake, too, but I want a way to make sure the sugar free stuff gets to the people who need it.  Does that make sense?

Unfortunately, I can't think of a polite way to do this.  Knowing me, I'm probably over thinking it.  How rude would it be to put the sugar free cheesecake in the fridge and only serve it to certain people?  Probably pretty rude, but I'd like some input. 

Why not make two sugar free? I may not be carb restricted, but sugar free doesn't sound like a bad option to me.

I agree with Rashea, I'd just make two of the sugar free ones.  Just make sure they are labeled that way in case anyone is allergic to artificial sweetener.

Not rude at all. It's practical. You are simply ensuring that people who are restricted get a share. If you put it out it may well get wolfed down by others who don't realise.

As an aside to sourwolf, my best cheesecake recipe has no sweetener in the cheesecake at all - it's delicious! Sometimes, I'll add a tablespoon or so (just because I feel I should) but it really doesn't need it. Now, there IS sugar in the crust, but you can omit the crust all together - so sugar- and carb-free!


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