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Author Topic: A Birthday to Remember!  (Read 2774 times)

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A Birthday to Remember!
« on: September 19, 2012, 01:49:44 PM »
Well, MamaViolin's birthday was on Sunday, and we all pitched in to make it a wonderful birthday, and that included the birthday dinner.

We don't have a lot of health restrictions in my family, but I am allergic to crab, so Dad's original plan of crab cakes had to be scrapped.  :( However, lobster behaves similarly to crab, so he decided to have lobster cakes instead.

This was our menu:

Appetizers: Almonds, sticks of mozzarella cheese wrapped in meat - some in pepperoni, some in prosciutto, and some in salami, Triscuit crackers, Club crackers and Boursin cheese
Salad: simple green salad with lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes
Soup: lobster bisque, with a side of toasted French bread with cheese on top
Main Course: Emeril's recipe for lobster cakes and jalapeno sauce ( with the sauce served separately, as well as tartar sauce and a lemon and dill sauce (will get the recipe for that later) that I, as a lemon hater, found delicious (of course, the cakes weren't half bad by themselves either  ;)), and brussel sprouts and creamed corn for sides.
Dessert: My grandma made her famous German chocolate pie, which everyone who ate it loved (I was so full from everything else that I figured I'd need to be rolled up the stairs.)
Drinks: For appetizer time, we served Proseco (kind of an Italian champagne), and martinis, but I had a Diet Coke, as I'm a bit of a lightweight. At dinner, we had a very nice Riesling, and dessert was served with tea and coffee (Mom and I prefer Lady and Earl Grey teas, respectively, but obviously pick whatever teas you like).

My grandparents arrived at about 5, and we had appetizers and drinks (and Mom opened cards and presents) until 6, when the meal started. The meal, not including dessert, took about 2 hours, counting in between time and talking. My grandparents called it an evening around 9:45.

A few notes:
  • Maybe this is just our family, but if you think you need to double the sauce recipes, don't do it. we still have loads of sauce that we can't do anything with.
  • Make the sauces at least a day beforehand, so they have time to mellow out. The lemon sauce was really, really bright (in a bad way) when Dad made it on Saturday afternoon, but by Sunday evening it was perfect.
  • If you like really hot sauces, leave the seeds in the jalapeno. My family is a company of spice - loving people (me excepted), and they were okay with no seeds, but my grandpa, who loves all things spicy, said he really wished Dad had left them in.
  • Two cakes per person is plenty. I could barely finish them because they were so filling

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was a birthday.
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Re: A Birthday to Remember!
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2012, 02:46:25 PM »
Sounds yummy!  Especially the soup.

As for the sauce, I can see it working on sauteed chicken breast.  I love cooked mayonnaise and you are halfway there.  After you saute the chicken, remove from the pan.  Add the jalopeno sauce to it, about 1/4 cup of stock, scraping up all the bits, bring it to a boil and remove from heat.  Drizzle over chicken.  I do a variation of mustard, mayo and dill pan sauce over fish.