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Author Topic: Annoying Coworker's Comments on How I Dress  (Read 40178 times)

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Re: Annoying Coworker's Comments on How I Dress
« Reply #60 on: October 22, 2012, 12:41:53 AM »
Things have certainly changed for the better. In the late sixties I was on my first Teaching Practice. As a Science teacher I wore a gigantic lab coat buttoned up that came mid calf. As it was the time of the mini skirt and one could not wear trousers I searched around in my wardrobe and that of larger friends to find skirts that were long enough.  One day I wore a very conservative culotte skirt, long enough to reach my knees and you couldn't tell it was a divided skirt unless you were practically doing the splits, should be Ok. Well no, it must have been one of the poisonous Head Mistress's toadies in the staffroom who "told" on me as that was the only time I had undone the buttons on my all enveloping oversize labcoat but I was called into her office, screamed at and was sent back to college in disgrace. Thank goodness the skirts of a much larger friend and safety pins saw me through the rest of the awful time there.


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Re: Annoying Coworker's Comments on How I Dress
« Reply #61 on: October 23, 2012, 01:31:49 PM »
I will confess to not being an expert, but as a guy who doesn't know all that much about women's boots, over the knee immediately conjured up an image of shiny, high heeled, and suited for only one profession.  It sounds like the ones the OP wore are a totally different type, which may account for some of the confusion on here.

The rule I've suggested for the office when we hire summer interns is that if it would be too revealing to wear around your grandparents, it's too revealing for the office, and along the same lines, if you're wondering if it's too revealing, it probably is and it's better to err on the side of being too conservative.

All that said, I wouldn't worry about what one person is saying if others are complimenting you on your style.  If you're close to someone in the office and are at all concerned, maybe say to them, was what I wore yesterday okay, I got some mixed comments. That should be enough to suggest to them that you are really asking and willing to hear both positive and negative comments. 

Annoyed in America

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Re: Annoying Coworker's Comments on How I Dress
« Reply #62 on: January 05, 2013, 06:56:25 AM »
Good response!

I work in a one girl office for several independent contractors and dress casually also.  Anytime I show up in anything slightly nicer someone will ask if I am going to a funeral (which I usually am).  There's no good response for that except to give the time I will be gone. 

You would think after this has happened several times they would stop asking in that way...


LOL..Or you could jokingly say "I have a job interview."