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How Shall I Sauce My Fettucine?

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I have some amazing fresh fettucine from Arthur Avenue, and need inspiration.

We love pesto - but enough is enough, and now it's autumn. I need some new sauce ideas, and where else would I turn but to you?

It cannot contain red meat, bacon, or seafood. It can contain veggies, game, pork or chicken.  As much as the Prince and I love cream sauces, we try to avoid them - the King is too disciplined to eat them, and they make me chubby (*sigh*). The men in my life LOVE pasta, so I seek inspiration.

Help me, E-Hellion foodies!



The other night DH made some chicken for the linguini and homemade alfredo sauce I cooked. He started with chicken tenders but you could cut breasts into strips. He melted about 3 Tbsp of butter in a saute pan and added 1/3C white wine, 2 cloves minced garlic and a Tbsp or so of Italian seasoning and then the chicken. He cooked it on medium/low until the liquid was reduced and the chicken was cooked through and then cut them into bite-sized pieces and added a bit more wine, then let it simmer for another 10 minutes or so. It was amazing!! One of my kiddos doesn't care for alfredo sauce so he just had the pasta and chicken with extra parmesan sprinkled over it and he thought it was really good. If you used more liquid (maybe some chicken stock?) you could have plenty of "sauce" left with your chicken.  :)

For a real answer - I've been craving tomato sauce lately.  Maybe that with a mix of fresh veggies?

Minced garlic, olive oil, shaved parmesan, bit of salt and pepper to taste. If the pasta is good, you don't need anything more. :)


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