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Author Topic: Wedding hotel overbooked - could I have handled this better?  (Read 24685 times)

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Re: Wedding hotel overbooked - could I have handled this better?
« Reply #45 on: October 12, 2012, 10:30:42 PM »
I traveled last year a few hours to a large city to judge an academic competition.  Upon arriving at the hotel, I was told that a sports group had decided to stay an extra day without telling until too late, and the hotel was busy walking students and families that had made reservations a month ago for this academic competition.  The sports team just wanted to hang and rest, and did not tell the hotel they were staying until housekeeping reported the rooms still occupied after 12 noon.

How would you kick out 50 or more teens and their adults and coaches?  Call the police?

Anyway, I got walked to a nicer hotel, with a voucher for a hot restaurant breakfast instead of a continental cold one.  I had a lovely time, and I realized that pitching a fit at the original hotel would have gotten me nowhere, except tired and frustrated. 

For the OP, I believe I would have kept quiet.  the hotel erred, you got a great deal, and the wedding party got stressed. 

Even confirmed reservations can go wonky.  Even if it is in writing.  Kinda sucks. 

Hope the wedding was lovely!

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