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Do kids like cheesecake?

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Little kids 3-5. They aren't fussy eaters and they sure like cheese and cake but not sure if cream cheese might be a bridge too far for them as it can have the sour taste to it. Or else they might just think it is really odd. Has anyone got any kid friendly flavours or combinations they have used?

I really think this is child-specific, just as it would be with adults.  That said, I've seen kids enjoy plain cheesecake with various toppings like chocolate/caramel, apples cooked in cinnamon-sugar syrup, oranges in sugar syrup, or raspberry sauce.  I also once made a honey & ginger cheesecake with hazelnut crust that went over well with people of all ages.

My three year old does - as long as its standard issue cream cheese based or ricotta cheesecake (large Italian population) most of his friends do as well.  Mine will eat goat cheese cheesecake and savory cheesecakes but that's less common.

I loved plain cheesecake as a child, but wouldn't eat strawberry cheesecake because of the 'bits' i.e. strawberry seeds. My children were similar.

I often make ricotta/marscapone cheesecakes which kids love.  Last week I made  standard cream cheese one and they hated it. And they like cream cheese on their bagels so I was at a loss.

It's seems like a hit or miss with little ones.  I would probably go more basic like cupcakes or cookies.


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