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Cookie Butter?


I am now addicted to Cookie Butter (bought at Trader Joe's) and want to try making delectable goodies with it.  Has anyone ever used it in baking?  Right now, I am just eating it by the spoonful.

I have found one recipe that is a Cookie Butter Smores Cheesecake, which I have not yet tried.

Anyone have anything?

I've never heard of it, and had to search the net, and found that it's very addictive.  :D At this moment, I'm glad I've never tried it because I suspect my waistline would expand a ton if I did.

I never heard of it either but it looks like a twist on peanut butter.

Maybe try making peanut butter cookies using this instead? Sounds decadently delicious to me.

You be the guinea pig . . . let us know! ;D


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