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The King and I are having a cocktail party this weekend. Of the two American political parties, we generally vote for the Glitter Party candidate. Most of our friends vote for the Dazzle Party candidate. That's fine with us - live and let live, etc.

We have two issues.

1.  Everyone assumes that we vote Dazzle party, because we are surrounded by people that do. They tell jokes, converse, etc. with this assumption in their minds. Now, I am all for civil discourse, but when someone is saying something offensive, wrong, or silly because they assume you feel the same way ....

And 2.  How do we fend off heated political discussion?

I guess I am asking two (related ) questions. I don't want to let the incorrect assumption lie, but I also don't want to have the whole party devolve into a screaming match over politics.  This has been a heated race and people feel very strongly. Add Scotch to the mix, and, well - you get the idea.

Any ideas for good bean dip/ diversionary tactics?


I wish i knew. I will be watching this thread with interest. I was just talking about this with my sister last night. The best i could come up with is that some people just aren't gong to be invited over until ... well, probably Spring  :-\ but that doesn't help you any.

I do not disucss politics. Even if the conversation is about my candidate of choice I do not discuss politics. I either change the subject or leave the room. Fortunately, since you are hosting, you have ample reasons to leave the room (refresh app's, get drinks, restock ice, clean something up, etc.)

"Do you mind if we don't discuss politics tonight? It has so completely dominated the news lately, I need a break!"

Since you are hosting, and these are your friends, I would simply ask that everyone refrain from political discussion during the event.

I see lowspark beat me to it! :)


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