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This saga started with a lemon-poppyseed scone (which was delicious by the way). After I ate it I thought "I can make scones!" and decided to try making savory ones. I used this recipe:

They tasted delicious, and you could taste each ingredient (the cheeses, the bacon, and the scallions i put in as well).

The problem? they refused to cook in the middle. One of the reviewers had this problem too, so I am thinking that maybe it is the recipe. Does anyone here have a basic savory scone recipe that is foolproof and that I can add my own things to? Namely bacon, and the cheeses and some scallions. Also.... How dense should my scones be? How dry? How do I know if I have done it right?

Ehellions i need your help!

Outdoor Girl:
My scones just use milk but I had the problem of them not cooking in the middle.  The whole batch was supposed to be rolled into one ball and then pressed flat into a circle on the baking sheet.  So I started cutting the dough in half and forming two balls, and hence two round scones.  I'd score the top of the dough with a knife and then didn't break it apart until serving it.

I would think the cheeses would be helping to keep it from cooking all the way through.  I'd try making the dough a bit thinner through the middle and see if it helps.

I do two things since every scone recipe that I have tried has this same problem

1. Make two balls of dough, flatten them and place them in the pan.
2. use your fist or a saucer to flatten the dough in the middle again once in the pan.  There should be a shallow impression left after you finish pressing.  Pop in the oven to cook immediately, as scone dough is aparently some sort of amoeba like organism that will fill the middle back in again if you leave it alone for more than 2-3 minutes.

OK this sounds bizarre but it is the best scones recipe I have ever used. When they say lemonade they mean something like Sprite. They arent sweet, well maybe just a bit but it works well for savoury ones as well.

Pippen I saw those.... they look delicious... and i have to admit i thought the lemonade meant you know.... lemonade. *blush*

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far guys... :)


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