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Author Topic: The "This Might Be A Stupid Question, But...." Thread  (Read 2099724 times)

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Re: The "This Might Be A Stupid Question, But...." Thread
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Curious to the past two posts -- why not pull over to the side of the road and take care of the situation instead of driving in fear?

That's what I was wondering, too.  Sometimes there isn't a safe spot to pull over, but otherwise it would be well worth being a few minutes late for work.  I'm allergic to wasps, and fortunately we seldom have them in my area.  However, one got into my car a few years ago and I pulled over and spent a lot of effort, and some serious contortions, trying to get it out of the car without getting too close to it.

A former friend was deathly allergic to stingy things and she foolishly had her hand flapping out the window when driving once - a wasp or something slammed into her hand! Fortunately for her, she was driving along the road at the bottom of the hill where the hospital was and was able to drive herself right up there! (She said it was amazing how fast you get in to emerg when you walk in and say "stung by a bee - allergic" - they don't even ask you anything before you get hauled to the back!)

I understand from an uncle by marriage that if you walk into a pharmacy and ask for syrup of ipecac everyone else in the pharmacy waits until after the syrup has been dispensed & paid for...he said that he'd never seen that happen before.  But he got back to his house with the bottle in record time and my two year old cousin (who'd swallowed some of her father's heart medicine) was immediately dosed with it...(they'd called a call center about what to do and it was determined that *that* treatment would be sufficient - if they could do it quickly enough.

Uncle got it back to them inside the time frame...and she and her parents (and aunt & uncle who were hosting her) all survived. 

AFAIK, Ipecac is/was an over the counter drug.  No Pharmacist necessary.  It's stocked on the shelves near the cough syrup, or at least it was. 

The event was over thirty-five years ago, Uncle was a college professor & not familiar with where to find drugs.  I don't recall any longer if he was handed a bottle or if the pharmacist compounded it or dispensed it "fresh" into a bottle.  I got there as cousin was being bathed and the story was somewhat garbled in the telling, as Aunt was trying to deal with an excited, soapy, hyper-active little girl (diagnosis was later - but it explained so much) who wanted to play in the water and get out of the tub to see what was going on elsewhere in the house, too.

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