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  • July 29, 2016, 04:48:02 PM

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Author Topic: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!  (Read 1878315 times)

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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #8085 on: Today at 10:04:32 AM » is now on my 'never again' list.

My DH and I had gone into the store to buy new shutters for our house.  We found what we liked but couldn't find someone in that department to help us (the person who did help us was from another department and really didn't know much about the product).  He did, though, find what we wanted online and helpfully printed us the page so we could go online to order the items and have it shipped directly to our house.  I went to their website, and it was so difficult to navigate.  I needed different size shutters for upstairs vs downstairs and I could not figure out how to find the same shutters in different sizes.  Since this wasn't supposed to be causing me that much stress, I went to and found the shutters I wanted, in the color I wanted, and it was easy to make sure I had the same shutters in different sizes.  They were a few dollars more expensive, but I'd rather pay a couple of dollars more (the total difference for all the shutters was less than $10) and not drive myself nuts trying to make sure I have that right thing vs saving a few bucks but spending my time on something that shouldn't be so difficult.

Lowes really does have an awful website. I tend to default to Home Depot when I am shopping at big box hardware stores, just because their website is actually functional, so I can use it to find out if they carry whatever I'm looking for in the store closest to me (and save myself a trip if they don't).


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #8086 on: Today at 03:59:58 PM »
The local car dealership.

I hit a curb and had to replace two tires on my car. The purchase and installation was just fine. A week after though, I heard a pop and a hiss while driving home. I managed to pull over to a parking lot to find that one of my new tires was swiftly deflating. I was able to bring it into the dealership to get it replaced and I didn't think there would be any other issues.

I should have been uneasy when I got a voice mail message from the "customer service specialist" handling the issue who said something something about talking with the manufacturer. I didn't get any further updates and she wouldn't respond to my calls. So I headed into the dealership after I finished work. I was greeted by less than professional behavior, which was a lovely prelude to trouble. She looked startled to see me and then tried to berate me about not answering my phone. I frostily informed her that many people are not always able to answer their cell phones immediately and that is what voicemail is for.

Then she explained to me that the tire had been replaced but I would not be able to take it because of a policy that did not permit cars to leave the dealership without being paid for. As the tire manufacturer had not gotten back to her about reimbursement through warranty, I could not take my car. It took an astonishingly long time to try to explain to her that policy is ridiculous in my situation because the manufacturer had no reason to be speedy and prompt about reimbursement when it was a dealership's customer who was being inconvenienced. I did not yell or curse but according to my gentleman friend, I looked very close to creating a scene in the lobby of the dealership. I'm not entirely proud to say that the growing promise of public unpleasantness worked. Cue frantic calls from the specialist to try to get through to the manufacturer and possibly upper management.

She then came back to me and magnanimously said that they would lift their policy to let me take my car. On my way out with my keys, I reply that is hardly generous of them and that I will never be coming back to service my car or purchase a new one.


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Re: "I'm never shopping THERE again!" Share your story!
« Reply #8087 on: Today at 04:23:55 PM »
A tale of two Office Depots.

I needed to have photo enlargements for a gallery showing that starts Monday. I sent an order online for 6 11x14" photos, glossy. When I went to pick them up, I got 6 photos printed on 16x20" paper, that was matte. Some of the photos had a small hole along them, from a burr on the printing mechanism. The price was good, I did not have time to reorder, so I took them.

When I was trimming them, one of the photos got cut, so I reordered it and another that I was not happy with the crop, and ordered it to a different store, same exact settings for the order. They are perfect, cut to size so I don't have to trim them, and glossy!
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