Author Topic: Silly Reasons You Dumped Someone  (Read 18306 times)

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Re: Silly Reasons You Dumped Someone
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That sounds a bit like my dad.  I've seen him start clearing the table and washing the dishes in someone else's house before everyone has even finished their meals.  When the hosts say "Uh, Roger, please don't do that.  We'll handle it", he waves them off, saying "I don't mind!"  The fact that they mind goes right over his head.  In his mind, he's doing a nice thing, and he always gets annoyed and bewildered when the hosts aren't grateful.


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Re: Silly Reasons You Dumped Someone
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 'Nice guys' who brag about how the treat women like queens or point out every courteous gesture they make are definitely a turnoff.  They are not nice for the sake of being kind, but only because they expect somebody's undying devotion (or to get them in bed) and the feel cheated when a woman doesn't fall for it.  I was looking at online dating profiles and one guy explained he was just looking for a nice woman to return his feelings and how he was nice to other girls only to be taken advantage of, cheated on, and why did that type of thing always happen to him.  It came across as very whiney.

Just out of college, I was hanging out with a friend and some of her acquaintances.  One guy seemed rather cute and we seemed to hit it off.  It was cold and he let me borrow his sweatshirt.  Before I left, I was going to give it back to him because I lived 90 minutes away and might not see him or my friend to return it for a while and he insisted it was no problem if I hang on to it.  The next day he called me and said he needed the shirt back.  I was annoyed because he said he didn't need it for a while.  He could tell I was annoyed and said he was 'just kidding' about needing the shirt back right away and we set up a date.  To sum things up, we went out a few times, but just didn't click.  If there was a few moments of silence in the car, he'd assume I was mad and start asking me what was wrong (I wasn't mad, it was just a pause in the conversation).  If I chuckled instead of laughing hysterically, he'd quiz me on why I didn't find his jokes funny.  I heard from my friend that he whined that he took me to dinner, was funny, charming, ect. and what was wrong with me that I didn't like a nice guy like him.

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Re: Silly Reasons You Dumped Someone
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This isn't a dumping story, but why I didn't go out on a date with the guy in the first place.  He was a CW, which actually wasn't the issue.  My mom came in to shop and when he found out that was my mother,  he commented on how hot she was. That was bad enough, but he also went around telling all the other guys how hot my mother was.  It totally skeeved me out.   ??? Who can possibly think that is a good idea?

Eww. That is more detail than I'd ever want from a CW.

Yeah.  Not only that, but if I were the Mom I'd probably never shop there again either. Ewww.