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  • June 29, 2016, 11:38:34 AM

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Author Topic: Thrift Score!  (Read 179807 times)

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Re: Thrift Score!
« Reply #1140 on: Yesterday at 05:11:56 PM »
Three great dresses for $30 total, which isn't the greatest total in the world, until you realize they were:
Nanette Lepore silk floral wrap dress, original retail $500-ish
Elie Tahari colorblock dress, original retail $300-ish
Laundry by Shelli Segal button-front shirt dress, original retail $200-ish

I needed clothes for a new job with lots of colleagues who make a lot more than me, and these are perfect (well, except for the last one, which was missing its waist tie, but i'd rather wear a belt anyway).

Those are great deals.  I like keeping an eye open for high end stuff at thrift stores.  It is pretty rare to find something that high end that fits, looks nice, stylish, and in good condition.

Yeah, I was shocked. This was a very suburban Savers, with lots and lots of junk, as usual. I think I hit the jackpot, aka the drop-off day for a woman my size with my taste (and a quirky size, too, as 2 of 3 dresses were a small size with just the right cut, and the third was 3-4 sizes bigger but cut slim for the size everywhere but where I need a little more space). There were 2-3 more great fitting, pretty new dresses from slightly less nice brands that I would have got but for my strict budget.


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Re: Thrift Score!
« Reply #1141 on: Yesterday at 11:28:12 PM »
Sort of a thrift score.  When my Mom & I came home from shopping for flooring for her rental house I noticed  that the across the street neighbors were replacing a LOT of sod in their front yard.  The crew was cutting out the old grass neatly with a sod cutter.  They were just putting the old grass in their truck to dispose of.  I asked if I could grab some to fill in some bare spots in my side yard.  They told me to help myself & that when they were done laying the new sod that I could have the leftover scraps of that!  DH & I grabbed our wheelbarrow & I hopped up in the truck & started going through the cut off chunks...About 4 1/2 wheelbarrows later, 1/2 wheelbarrow of cut pieces of new sod & 4 full rolls that they didn't use & would have tossed out anyway...We have the bare spots on our side yard covered, a dead spot in the front yard & a big piece under one of the pear trees!!!  Now to water like crazy until it takes hold.

Probably $100 - $150 worth of grass just for hauling it away. 

We gave the guys some $ as a thank you.


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Re: Thrift Score!
« Reply #1142 on: Yesterday at 11:49:54 PM »
Our St. Vincent De Paul had a 90 cents for clothes sale today. My friend and I came home with huge bags of clothing! I have been buying 100% cotton jeans to make a denim quilt for my DGD for when she goes to college. I plan to have a bunch of pockets on the quilt (which I plan to tuck pizza $$ in) and so I was buying a bunch of jeans for that. I also bought some t-shirts to make into shopping bags.

Bonus: a bag of books for $6.00! As many as you could fit. I got 10 books and my friend got 15...all in the same bag! We spit the cost.

The best thing? I had a filled card worth $10.00, So my clothing total came to $11.82 and I only paid $1.81! (Gave my friend my half of the bag of books in cash, so that was another $3.30.) A day of shopping for $5.12 = a month or two of sewing therapy! A double win!


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Re: Thrift Score!
« Reply #1143 on: Today at 09:50:34 AM »
Not me, and it was a garage sale, but I belong to a FB group for Poshmark users. One of the members had been out running, and happened upon a garage sale. It was apparently about 90 degrees out, and the woman said "$1 each, i want to go inside" so this member got about $55-60 worth of clothes for a dollar each. She said about 1/3 or more were brand new, with tags, labels like Loft, Banana Republic etc. We were all suitably jealous, including myself who doesn't thrift and resell, only sells my own stuff.