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S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers

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--- Quote from: siamesecat2965 on February 18, 2013, 04:35:56 PM ---
--- Quote from: sunnygirl on February 18, 2013, 01:25:49 PM ---Ugh. I bought a Groupon for some yoga classes. The vendor ignored all my emails trying to book, then emailed me after the Groupon expired to say, "Sorry but email me the voucher and you can still use it!", then emailed me right back after I did so to say, "Actually you can't use it because it's expired", then used the info from the voucher to fraudulently tell Groupon I had already used the voucher. Groupon refuses to refund or do anything since according to the vendor I've already taken the classes, even though, you know, I have the emails where the vendor flat out says, "We won't honour the voucher tough luck."

Groupon sucks, seriously. Is there nothing one can do if a vendor refuses to honour the deal then lies that they've already done so?

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I'd dispute it with your credit card, if you still can. Or keep bugging Groupon. I've had a couple issues with them, but they've always been resolved quickly.

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Also, do your local TV news shows have a tip line or consumer help segment? They'd looooove to see those emails!


--- Quote from: Acadianna on January 30, 2013, 09:31:30 PM ---
--- Quote from: Thipu1 on January 29, 2013, 03:06:49 PM ---After all, if someone is going to steal your identity, they'll be having a bit more fun with it than a charitable contribution, a bottle of wine and a used book. 

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I had a similar reaction when my own bank froze my debit card AND my credit card, for "suspicious activity" -- which consisted of $50 worth of t-shirts purchased at Death Valley.

Because, of course, the first thing one does after stealing a card number is run to Death Valley and buy t-shirts!

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Generally, you buy water, and photo film so you can stand next to the giant thermonitor and take pictures to show your friends! :P

((I tease.  Lots of tourists go to Death Valley through this town, its kind of a one stop food place for ANY tour bus coming through.  I think our McDonalds has secured a deal with some tour company, because its always there, and no other food place in town. ???))

Given, it is a really gorgeous place. :) I go yearly in winter, when it's cool.  Enough hot days here...

Thank you for all your responses. I am emailing them.
I've been doing some searching online and found a lot of info, but alas it seems most of it is US-based (Groupon US were forced to change their policies after the threat of a class action lawsuit) but I am in the UK and it seems most of it does not apply. I'll update if there is anything to update. :)


--- Quote from: JenJay on February 18, 2013, 01:41:16 PM ---UPDATE

 I'm going to call the police dept. in their town and see about filing a report. Even if this transaction isn't enough for the police to pursue on its own they may have an ongoing case or be watching the house for some other reason, so maybe it'll help.

Thanks everyone!

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I had a police officer tell me once that credit card fraud is a felony, and the amount being purchased with the card didn't matter.  He used the example of someone going into a store and stealing a pack of gum.  If you just steal the gum, it's a small misdemeanor.  If you used a credit card fraudulently to purchase the same pack of gum, it would be a felony.

Good luck - I just got (after what, a week?) an email back from WeeklyPlus that they were contacting the vendor and asking them to contact me directly. We shall see.


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