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S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers

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--- Quote from: Midge on February 27, 2013, 01:49:51 PM ---
--- Quote from: Miss March on February 26, 2013, 05:17:38 PM ---My DH got a phishing email the other day. They did a good job- it looked pretty legit. It was supposedly a receipt from PayPal, showing his recent purchase of a watch. They were banking on him hitting the "Report problem" link at the bottom in a panic, to say he didn't buy that watch, and having him input his correct PayPal information to verify his account.

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I got that one the other day!

My personal hotmail email account is my first name, plus the rest of my initials--for example, midgecdf@blahblah.com. When I looked at the "to" field on that email, it had been sent to midgecdf@blahblah.com, midgemmm@blahblah.com, midgeabc@blahblah.com, etc. They just typed in a first name, a bunch of letters after, and hit send, hoping for the best!

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I just got this one today!  I had just used  my PayPal account for the first time in several months, and a few days after the legitimate transaction, I got this one.  I went to the PayPal site (in a separate browser window, not via any links) to verify that no such transaction had been processed.

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I got a fraud alert from Discover and phoned. The customer service person informed that I could use the link and not have to call. I was too shocked to try to explain it to her.

I just posted an ad to Craigslist to sell my bicycle.

When I opened my email a little bit ago and read this response I about fell out my chair laughing:

--- Quote ---Hello i am interested in your bike i was wondering if you would be willing to waive the money if it went to a young couple starting out in our first apartment and bring it to us as we dont drive if so thank you your a lifesaver if not i understand and god bless
--- End quote ---

Certainly not a scam, but definitely beggy with a little bit of moochy! ;D

Having a weird day.

Just checked my email again (to see if there are any other nuts that want me to take my nice things and deliver them to them) and got a receipt from Walmart.com.

Apparently I decided to buy a $200 e-gift card with my credit card that is maintained on that account. Only of course it's not delivered to my home address (being an E-gift card an all) but it's also not being delivered to the email on the account. It's one I've never heard of.

Because I'm nice like that. Just sending $200 to random strangers.

Called credit card company - cancelled card.
Went into Walmart.com's website and cancelled the order and deleted the two credit cards stored in there.
CSR at Walmart.com agreed that cancelling my Walmart.com account is a good idea and, if I want to set up a new one, said I'd need to use a new email address as using the old one will send up a red flag about fraud.

I get a LOT of spam. So the emails from Paypal about my account, notices my direct deposit has been rejected -- click here to update my software, lonesome Nigerians, etc. are par for the course.

I'm noticing a new spam type -- usually a subject line that has to do with a news item and a link to click. Just yesterday and today I got emails offering links to video of the Boston bomb and the video in West, Texas.

Ugh. And I know a lot of unsophisticated people will click on these.


--- Quote from: bloo on April 18, 2013, 04:01:40 PM ---
Went into Walmart.com's website and cancelled the order and deleted the two credit cards stored in there.

--- End quote ---

I try to never keep any card on file, it does take me one more minute to order something but at least I'm protected against that.
What bothers me is that for amazon I have to actually register the card to use it, then I have to go and delete it.
I ordered shoes today from a site I've used once before and was pertubed to not having to put my card info, turns out they had registered it and I had to go delete it.

Plus I'm pretty sure not having my card already in hold me up from doing some impulse* shopping.

* Impulse meaning that I've already thought about it for a few weeks, wondering if I need it and all that.. ::)


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