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Author Topic: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers  (Read 2580407 times)

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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #195 on: November 16, 2012, 02:58:46 PM »
Oh and I kicked out my useless housemates last week who seemed to think paying rent was an optional exercise and thought that getting a new gaming console pack and planning a holiday to Thailand was a higher priority than ensuring they had a roof over their heads. Yeah it doesn't work like that. Goodbye Moochers.

Glad to hear you are no longer a 'soft touch'!  Passing over some polish for that new stainless steel spine...

Not proud of myself as I kind of lost it. The red mist descended on me. I don't ask a lot of people and what I do ask is reasonable and not particularly onerous. Consistently failing to meet even the most basic requests or requirements when I go out of my way to help them makes me a bit punchy.  Heck the husbands "useless, wayward loser"(as they described him) younger brother came to stay for 4 days and during that time he did more helpful things around here than they had in 4 months. Thoroughly nice young man.


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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #196 on: November 16, 2012, 03:12:23 PM »
My grandmother's issues are more along the lines of her seeing a "miracle cure" and springing for it no matter what the cost.  She is nearly 100 and has many health issues making her miserable even though she is still mentally sharp and interested in life.  She will do anything to even have the body she had at 80.  Sadly, she's at the point where legitimate practitioners (both mainstream and alternative medicine) cannot help her as much as they would like to.

So she spends large amounts of money on snake oil.  We don't find out about it until her apartment calls one of her children to say that she can't pay her rent.  But she is still competent so our only alternative would be to just let her live with her actions and get evicted. As much as it is "her fault" we aren't about to let our elderly, infirm grandmother sleep under a bridge.


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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #197 on: November 16, 2012, 03:41:49 PM »
I don't think I've told about this part of the story here yet....
bg/ One of my brothers is a Beggar, Moocher and Scammer. He is currently serving prison time for stealing prescription meds, using and selling them, stealing electronics and then threatening my sister's life when she turned him in. The family was hell-bent on giving him another chance, especially when he "married" his girlfriend (turned out to be a scam, she couldn't remarry because she was already married and hadn't bothered getting divorced) and they had a baby.  /end bg

Some time after he walked out on Baby Mama and their baby, he was on probation and he called my dad, frantic, because he was in Vegas and needed a ride home for an upcoming meeting with his PO. By this point in time Dad had wised up and curtly informed him that as he was breaking his parole, he could probably walk to any local police cruiser and request a free ride home. Apparently he did because he had to serve a little county jail time for breaking parole.

Did he learn? NO. After he'd been out for a month (if that) he messaged me on FB that he was stuck in Salt Lake City, he had no food or place to stay, he was cold and needed money and someone stole his phone. I messaged him I didn't have any money (I didn't, Boo Bear was an expensive little bundle). He asked again and I logged out, wondering how he was on FB if he was sleeping on the streets without a phone. He then called our grandparents, who had always been a soft touch, but they too were at the end of their rope where he was concerned; they offered to buy a one way bus ticket home, non transferable, in his name. When he found out "non transferable" meant he couldn't trade the ticket to someone for cash he angrily turned down the offer.

More recently, from prison, he wrote my SIL that he needed cash, when it wasn't deposited immediately he called her demanding to know where it was. He also wrote a letter to our grandparents on his birthday giving them details on how they could deposit his birthday gift money into his prison account.
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #198 on: November 17, 2012, 11:04:16 AM »
Just remembered a situation that happened when I was 17 (14 years ago) while reading this thread.

During the summer I temped at several jobs. One was at a food booth at a trucker festival. It was very busy. There was one guy who came back after finishing his food and said he had paid with $100 and I had shortchanged him. I remembered he had used a large bill, but I was positive I had not shortchanged him. This is what I told him. He insisted for a few minutes and then left.

Only looking back did I realize this was most likely a scam. If he had been serious he would have asked to speak to my boss and made much more of a fuss, because of the amount he claimed he did not get.

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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #199 on: November 17, 2012, 01:57:40 PM »
...   Anyway, we did have criteria we could use to weed out the scams, and if you hit four markers, we could get the call terminated.  ...

When I first read this I thought it said " ... we could get the caller terminated ..." . 

I thought "Well, that's a little harsh maybe," but it did kind of get my hopes up there for a second or two.   ;D


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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #200 on: November 18, 2012, 12:00:10 AM »
When I was 17-18 years old, I worked for a men's clothing store chain and happened to be helping out one day in a store where I didn't usually work (but it was in a nice area).  I also, up until I was about 39 years old, always looked younger than my years so, at that time, probably looked about 14 years old and an innocent/naive 14 years old.

Anyway, some guy walks in and heads directly for the pay counter at the back of the store (where I was).  Asks me to give him a $20 bill for a ten and two fives.  I thought was really odd (since people always ask for change, not a bigger bill, in my experience) so I involuntarily looked at the $20 bill an additional time before I handed it to him.

His hand took the bill, immediately went to his back pocket with it and, without missing a beat, pulls out a bill and says, "You gave me a $1 bill" (and he's holding this one dollar bill in front of me).  I know I hadn't and realized this guy was trying to scam me.  I looked him in the eye and said, "No, I didn't" and continue to meet his gaze (and he was a scruffy-looking guy who seemed like he was in late 20s to 30s).  He right away realized I wasn't going to budge, said sorry and high-tailed it out of there.  I did call the grocery store next door, I believe, to let them know some guy in the strip mall was trying to pull a scam, but that was as far as it got (and I never saw him again).  Stupid guy; I still wonder if he really thought I looked that stupid.

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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #201 on: November 18, 2012, 11:40:58 AM »
In the late 1990's I used to manage a camera shop with a photo finishing lab. The lab staff would process the film, price the order based on the number of photos printed (so a roll of 24 pictures would cost less than a roll of 25 pictures) and box up the order.

We had a customer who was continuously missing pictures from her order. She would come back the next day complaining she was missing photos from her roll. (This is before digital.) We would apologize, then print off the missing photos and give them to her. After a few rounds of this, I conferred with the lab staff. It seemed that the missing photos were always nice shots of family or friends. Plus, missing random pics from a roll is very odd, you just print a pic, move the negative over one space and print the next. It would be more effort to skip negatives.

So we figured she was giving away the nice photos, then coming back the next day to scam some free reprints.

The next time she came to pick up her photos, I had her order marked for the sales staff to come get me. I approached her and explained that since she seemed to always be missing some photos, and I understood how annoying it was for her to have to drive back and wait for those missing photos to be made, that I was going to count each and every photo for her. Right now. In front of her.

I pulled out her negatives and counted them. I then pulled out the ticket to see it had the same number of prints. I then counted each photo printed out (while wearing my white cotton gloves, so I left no fingerprints). All matched in number.

I then told her that, see now you can be sure you have all your photos, and I'm so sorry about the problems in the past. Don't worry, we'll just count out everything from now on. This won't happen again.

And it never did.


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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #202 on: November 18, 2012, 07:27:42 PM »
Brilliant!  and Polite, too!   8)
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #203 on: December 17, 2012, 09:26:16 AM »
We are not certain what is going on here, but it is odd.

BG: DMV in Michigan here.  We regularly get FEDEX and UPS delivery opf documents: car titles for vehicles purchased out of state.  Sometimes, checks are included.  The customer paid the out of state dealership everything, and the dealership cuts a check for our fees and includes it with the paperwork.  End BG.

The week after Thanksgiving, one of my clerks asked me if I knew anything about a check that she had run across in the drawer where we keep mailed in paperwork.  It was a check for about $5000, made out to an individual.  The check was from a pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts, and the individual's address (typed on the check) was in Georgia.  We assumed that the check had become detached from the paperwork, but we could not find any accompanying paperwork.  I set it to one side, intending to mail it back to the issuing company.

Not one hour later, I receive a UPS mailer.  Inside is only a check, made payable to an individual in Michigan for $4500, from a condo complex in Las Vegas.  The check form itself is identical to the one I already have, but they are drawn on two different banks.  I puzzle over this until I realize that this newest check was returned to us by UPS for being undeliverable (no such address).

This is weird.  It is our address, but the name is not us.  And since it is handwritten,  it is difficult to figure out the name.  I call UPS and talk to a rep, who says that they picked up the pachages at our office, but that these 2 were undeliverable.  No, you did not pick up the packages here, that I know.  I would have seen UPS picking up stuff.  I did ask if she could tell me the customer name, since I couldn't read it.  She starts to answer, and then puts me on hold for about 5 minutes.  When she comes back, she says they are sending a UPS guy to pick up what I have. 

Fortunately, when he shows up the next day, it is my regular UPS guy, just back from vacation.  He shows me that he has a third returned package, and he says, "What is going on here?  You never send anything out."  I show him what I have, and he picks them up to turn into UPS investigations.

Then we start receiving bills for all these UPS services.  It's obvious from the bills that UPS doesn't know the customer name either.  It is two words, and the second one could be: Hay, Hwy, Huy, Hug, Hey.  The bills total just under $1000.

And, as of last Wednesday, the bills keep coming, although now I just mark them refused - unknown at this address. 

So either the scam is a simple one: how to get UPS services for free.  But based on the identical checks from all over, I wonder if there is even more to this.  I'll probably never find out.
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #204 on: December 17, 2012, 03:07:25 PM »
This'll drive me crazy, pierrelunaire0! What is the scam here? Can we figure it out?
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #205 on: December 17, 2012, 03:22:45 PM »
It's probably the check scam.

Scammer contacts someone who's selling an item and says he'll send a check, asks seller to western union the difference.

Scammer uses a fake UPS number to send the check, and uses the return address of a real business. UPS tries to bill the fake number and it fails, so they bill the return address instead. Some packages are probably being sent to bad addresses, which is why pierrot is getting these checks.
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #206 on: December 17, 2012, 04:09:11 PM »
That has got to be the answer.
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #207 on: December 18, 2012, 05:58:48 AM »
A priest I follow on FB had to put out a message on his wall telling us that a fake page was put up using his name for fundraising purposes for an orphanage.  He said the page is reported, and that he would not put any fundraising requests on FB at all.

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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #208 on: December 18, 2012, 01:25:23 PM »
^I get the same thing for CIBC or Scotia or TD.  I laugh and hit 'delete'.
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Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Reply #209 on: December 18, 2012, 03:24:37 PM »
"Your Paypal account has been limited..."

I get this message once a week or so.

Funny part? I have a dozen email accounts and get the same message in several of them, they all have internal links (like I'm going to click on a link in a message like that), and when I cursor over the link the little message at lower left says the link goes to some other site.
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