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I often see questions about etiquette of other countries, when people are travelling. Ran across this article and thought it was really interesting.

Me me me

Cool info. I was looking for India tips but did t see any. I have the most precious & amazing Indian friends who give us a rather overwhelming "thank you" present every time we do the tiniest favor for them. As I was brought up that "thank you" is sufficient for tiny favors, I feel a little awkward about it sometimes. Plus if they do a tiny favor for me, then I feel this pressure to go all out with a big "thank you" gift for them. I never know what is right.

Just do not assume that everything in that article is actually true.

Also, do not worry about giving sharp gifts in The Netherlands. Like in many places, including the USA, this superstition does exist, but it is not a commonly known superstition, so most people will not even think about it, even if they know the superstition.

I have one kind of reversed.

Mom and a bunch of other Canadian and British (raised during WWII) scientists moved down here to work for Baylor College of Medicine. During the holy season of Football, there is the most holy day of Homecoming. This is celebrated by guys giving girls mums decorated with the school colors. The mums are larger than a person's head.

Mom and the others saw these kids going to eat or something with the mums - and were horrified. At first they thought there had been some bus crash or something killing a bunch of kids from the same school. They all associated mums with funerals. Mom said she remembered her great grandparents and grandparents coffins standing in Aunt Edith's house (at the time her grandparents' house) covered with mums. Even after living here in Texas for 40+ years, the displays made Mom a little sick every fall. (Both my parents had some bad memories/issues with funerals from their childhood).

Got me points in a University English class. I was the only one that realized the Mums in a story signified death not life.

What is a "mum"?


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