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A kindness, and a dilemma

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Outdoor Girl:
You also don't need to pay the whole total for the person behind you.  Let's say your total is $2.50.  You can hand the cashier $5 and tell her to put the rest towards the next person's total.  If their order is the same as yours, it's covered.  If it's more, they get $2.50 off.  If it's less, you can either tell the cashier to keep the change or put it in whatever fundraising jar they have or put it towards the second person coming behind you.

Or, if there are street people in your area, buy breakfast for one of them?


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--- Quote from: SiotehCat on October 16, 2012, 08:01:48 AM ---Ive heard of this before, but I have always do you pay for someone behind you when you don't know their total?

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The total's probably already in the computer ...

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You ask the cashier what the person behind you bought. If you want to pay that much, do it. If not then just say "OK".  It does not seem to phase the cashiers at all.


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