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Not answering when someone calls at a certain time

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You know, it would be really convenient-for me- to call my parents at 9am on Sundays. I'm up by then but not going anywhere and so it's a perfect time to call.

Except. They are four time zones behind me. That's a 5am call for them. It would be incredibly inconsiderate of me to expect them to give up their sleep so I can chat with them, when I can call them later in the day.

Your phone is for your convenience.

--- Quote --- She said that she might have to call with an emergency, and I told her that in that case, if it's at 8, she should text. She said what if she isn't able to text due to the emergency and has to call, and I told her if it's that bad she should call 911.
--- End quote ---

Has she ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?


--- Quote from: Knitterly on October 17, 2012, 10:51:25 AM ---If I were you, I would simply turn off (or mute) my phone at 8pm and turn it back on when it is convenient for me to chat. 

What are the odds that a terrible tragedy is going to strike at precisely 8pm on any given night?

You are not rude not to answer, no more rude than if you were out somewhere at 8pm and forgot your phone at home.

--- End quote ---

Turn off your phone at times that are inconvenient for you and when sis complains, tell her that it's not up for discussion and that you get to determine when you want your phone to be on and when you want it to be off. Period.

And quit answering "what if" questions.

Tea Drinker:
I'd figure out what was a good time for me to chat, and start calling her then. Either it would be an okay time for her as well, and you could have the conversations at your convenience, or you would get to make the point that your convenience is as important as hers. (I figure this is only evil if I deliberately picked times that I knew I'd be waking her.)

Oh, it's convenient for her? That's nice! However, I'm not sure why her needs should take priority over yours.

The thing is, if she stopped calling at 8pm, and then if she did call one day, you would probably answer, right?  Because then you would think that it was an emergency.  But, when she always calls at 8pm because it is a convenient time for her, that is what you are going to think it is.

Remember, just because someone is annoyed at you, doesn't mean it is rude. 

Me, I would make sure to call her on a regular basis.  For one thing she will have less to talk about in the evening.  Bonus points if you can find a time that is convenient for you and not her.  Then wait until she complains.  (But only do this if she continues to call you at 8pm or 6pm) 


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