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Author Topic: Don't talk to me and BE QUIET!  (Read 5995 times)

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Re: Don't talk to me and BE QUIET!
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2012, 05:25:32 AM »

Hotdish, I was once at a meeting during which a [vile] woman was trying to stop funding for our public library.  She was the recipient of many glares.  This woman had sat down near a stranger who was at the meeting for another purpose.  The stranger seemed embarrassed during the meeting, and during a break made a point to tell the library supporters that she was not "with" the fund taking woman, didn't know her, and had told her during the meeting that she was in the wrong. 

I suspect that PennyandPleased is concerned that people will think that she shares the views of the talker.

Sorry to veer off topic momentarily, but who in the world would want to stop funding for a public library? That just seems bizarre to me!
Often people who feel the library should only  have books that reflect their world view and no other. When they can't purge the library of books that have different view points, the next step is to close the library. In other words narrow minded bigots.
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