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Planning a trip to St. John's, Newfoundland in April

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Are there any Newfoundlander's out there or people who have travelled there in the early spring?

Just looking for tips on the weather and things to do or see.

Or great places to eat!

Any help would be appreciated.


Outdoor Girl:
I'm jealous!  I haven't been but I see their commercials on TV and it makes me want to go.  Someday soon...

My brother and his wife went on their honeymoon but they were there in July, I think.  They went for a hike in Gros Morne National Park.  It was nice when they started but by the time they got to the top, the fog had socked in and it was tricky following the trail markers.  They would walk until they could just see the marker behind them.  Then my SIL would stay put while my brother walked towards the next marker.  When it came into sight, he could just see my SIL and she would walk up to him and they'd go to the next marker together and repeat the process.  My brother was also prepared with a little one burner camp stove and some cup a soup so when they got a little cold and a little tired, they had a nice, hot, little pick-me-up.  And they had extra fleeces in the pack, too.

April could be iffy on weather.  You may be lucky or you may get hammered with a spring snowstorm.  So my advice would be to have lots of layers, as well as a good waterproof jacket - Gortex or similar.

Thank you!

 We're from Thunder Bay so we are going to dress like we would at home.

That is my only worry actually. That snowstorm that leaves us stuck there.

Julia Mercer:
DH is a Newfie, I'll ask him for some tips and get back to ya on that. We're taking a trip in August to see the family and for me to meet them.

Thank you!  :)


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