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"Can I share my charity fundraising link on your wall?"

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A friend of DH whom I don't know well but accepted his FB friend request out of politeness has put this post on his wall;

"Good Morning to all.. I need to ask a favour of everyone. Does anyone mind if i post my giving site on their timeline [it's a charity donation/sponsorship page] of if I post it on the wall will everyone share it... as need to promote this page ...."

Am I overreacting by thinking that this is rather rude? I don't want to share his page on my timeline at all - he can ask his FB friends (including me) to donate but I don't want to be associated with asking my friends and family. I guess I'm supposed to either tell him no or ignore and imply that it's fine.

He has been posting (on his own timeline) pleas for people to share and donate pretty much daily for the last week or so anyway. If people heven't shared the link by now they're probably not going to.

I have actually shared charity fundraising that my friends are doing on my own timeline (well, once) because I supported the cause and my friend was doing something really challenging that took a LOT of training and time and effort (a marathon, she is not a recreational runner either, she hates it but was doing it in memory of somone who was a runner).
Thing is, DH's friend isn't doing something I would consider 'sponsoring' , so I won't be sponsoring him myself anyway.

I would just ignore the request.

I say hide his posts for awhile. I don't see any problem with him asking...once...of each friend, but his asking his entire friends list every day is too much. Hide his posts so you don't have to see them. They won't show up on your feed for you or anyone else to see, so they won't aggravate you.

If he comes out and asks you, you can plead ignorance or say no. If you don't want to say no outright, then "I'm not comfortable reposting your request, but I wish you luck." Repeat as necessary. Don't give any reasons beyond you "not comfortable".

Harriet Jones:
I believe you can block him from posting on your timeline, if you think he'd go ahead and do it without your permission.

I don't think that's so rude of him. He's not asking anybody directly--and maybe there are people on his friends list who really WOULD like to support his cause.

Don't take his request so personally.


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