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Two Whole Days alone in San Francisco

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I'm joining DH for his business trip in San Francisco at the end (!!) of November.  (Don't worry, I already know I'm going to freeze my tuckus off  :o)

The thing is, he's going to be at work  Thursday and Friday, and I'm going to be on my own, without a car.

I've been there a couple times before, and I've done the wharf/GoldenGate/Tiburon thing.  I'm asking fellow EHellers who really know the city: where are your favorite places to go that tourists really don't know about?

I don't *know* the City, but I did like shopping at the Ferry Building (tourists know about that, I'm sure).

If you're into baking/cooking, there's a wonderful bookstore called "Omnivore Books."  I think it's on Mission Street (or it's in the Mission District).  It's a bookstore for all, and only, things culinary.

Outdoor Girl:
I went as a tourist a number of years ago.  The best thing we did was get the daily transit pass.  You could hop on and off the cable cars, grab the street cars or whatever public transit you wanted for the princely sum of $6!  We were staying at the older Holiday Inn up town so we had to grab the cable car to get back at the end of the day.  And had to wait for quite a while at the waterfront to grab one back up the hill.  That was the only downside.

We did the touristy stuff, including Alcatraz, but one of the other things we did was Coit tower.  And it was quite a hike to get up to it, since we didn't want to pay for a cab or wait for a bus.  So that would definitely keep you warm!

We missed Chinatown and Ghiradelli Square (Hmmmm... chocolate... drool) because we didn't have time, which I'm told are both worth having a good wander around.

This is a fun site with some ideas. 

The Lyon street walk is beatiful and we really enjoyed the North beach area.


Thank you all so much for the ideas! 


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