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Balancing cupcakes and buttercream

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A couple of weeks ago I attended a cooking class focused on cupcakes. I'm planning to try a couple of basic recipes (vanilla cupcakes and buttercream) this week-end.

The problem is, they were given as separate recipes. So, while I'll get (about) 18 cupcakes, the recipe for buttercream calls for 9 oz. of butter.

It sounds a bit much for 18 cupcakes, especially because my other cupcakes-and-buttercream recipe only calls for 3.5 oz. 
I tried that months ago and I remember having more than enough icing for 12 cupcakes - as in "having to eat a couple of spoonfuls straight from the bowl"   :-[

Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know how long buttercream keeps?

(My apologies if I've used the wrong terminology and/or measurements) 

I am of the school of thought that you can never have too much buttercream (100% icing and I am a happy girl, who needs cake really?!?!?)

But for those that like balance in their cupcake life, I usually aim for a batch of 2 cups of icing for 24 cupcakes (gives a little for tasting to 'make sure'). Which would be about 250g of butter and 2 cups of icing sugar plus whatever flavors you are adding. (Sorry can only think in grams/cups).

Sheila Take a Bow:
You can freeze your buttercream if you make too much.  Just thaw it and beat it again (if it looks like it needs it) and you can use it for your next batch of cupcakes.

If you're not experienced with buttercream it might be easiest just to make the recipe you have instead of worrying about scaling the recipe, and then freeze the excess.

The trouble with buttercream is that it depends on what you are doing with it. If you flat-ice a cupcake with buttercream you'll need less than if you do a rose swirl or the Wilton 1M swirl. I just today used 250g butter/500g icing for 18 cupcakes and I don't have much over. If I'm feeling mean I can squeeze it out of 200g. 9oz is 250g.

Keeps for a week (if you put milk in it), freezes well.

Spread the extra buttercream between graham crackers for a quick cookie-like snack.  Store at room temperature.  We used to purposely make too much so that we could indulge in these treats.


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