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--- Quote from: Zilla on November 19, 2012, 04:10:26 PM ---Plus there might be a built in penalty for late work.  As in percentage.
OR other parents complained along the lines like you did (rightfully so!) and the teacher had to give an extension.  Based on this thread, I think it's the latter.

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These could be kids who wanted A's or B's, but couldn't come in early, or work during their study period.  We were discussing earlier in the thread how unfair it was that trying to get anything better than a C required working in the classroom outside of the regular class time.

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Never the less, exchanging one unfairness (far too restrictive conditions and deadlines) for another (extending the deadlines, unfair to those who worked hard to meet them) isn't the way to deal with the problem.

My opinion of the competence of this teacher (and of the school in general) is not very high.

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It does seem like they are fixing one problem by creating another. I don't know what other options the teacher/school would have to level the playing field for the kids who may not have had sufficient resources to earn an A by the original deadline. I'm hopeful that this will be a one-time occurrence -- as in the teacher/school learned something from this last experience and are working to ensure that it doesn't repeat itself in future science units.

At present, DS has started the A-layer work for the current science unit. Ironically, he was ready to take the B-layer quiz on Monday, but he wasn't allowed to because she didn't have it prepared yet. Despite that, she let him start the A-layer work anyway so he'd have something useful to do in class. Yesterday, there was a substitute and busy work. To my knowledge, the kids have through the 30th to complete all the work on the current unit. We'll see what happens.

I am genuinely disappointed that the principal did not follow through with me as she said she would. That is rather unimpressive. Even if she had nothing new to report (couldn't get a meeting scheduled with the teachers yet, etc.), she could still contact me to let me know she's working on it.

One thing I noticed is that the teacher had:

* Videos in class
* Busiwork when substitute was there
I can almost understand doing one or the other.  But both?%#$#$%

I waded through all 12 pages of this thread.  What worries me the most in this situation is the possibility that your son (and other kids) will have their curiosity squished by the burden of the work.  It looks like the idea is to build upon the basics and delve into deeper thinking (Bloom's Taxonomy has been mentioned), which is commendable.  How many students decided that they just couldn't make the extra time and effort, so they must not be good at science?  YIKES!  That is the ultimate in rudeness on the part of the teacher.


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