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Is 2 weeks too long to hear from someone after 1st date? UPDATE #29

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I met a guy online and we sent a few emails over the space of about 2 weeks (sometimes he would take days to reply saying work was busy) before he gave me his number and said we should meet once he came back from a work trip overseas. I gave him my number and told him to call me when he got back.

So, he texts me the day he gets back (Saturday) and asks if I'm free for coffee on Sunday afternoon. We meet up and it seems to go well but I only have an hour as I had a prior appt so I had to leave. I felt bad because he seemed really nice so I texted him as soon as I got to my appt that it was great to meet him, really sorry I had to rush off, hoped he had a good rest of the afternoon. He replied that we should do it again sometime and I went back with yes, definitely.

Then I heard nothing from him. At all. After a week I decided he wasn't interested and as he was a stranger I'd only met for an hour I decided not to worry.  I had thought he seemed like a good guy, the kind you could have a laugh with and could be good friends but I wasn't immediately attracted to him. Although I only knew him for an hour.... When friends asked if I'd heard from him and it was more than a week now they all said, forget him.

Then last night he texted me, after just over 2 weeks! He said "hi, how's things, are you free Weds or Thurs? I am if you want to meet up?"

Do I bother or is the fact he waited 2 weeks to contact me a big no no? I mean, I liked him, he seemed a nice guy but I'm not sure I was interested enough to bother now after all this time and actually I'm not free this week anyway.

If he'd contacted me earlier I would have said yes because he was nice and funny and I'd be curious to see if there was any attraction, but now, I have kind of written him off and I don't think he has time to be the kind of relationship I'm looking for if he really is that busy.

Angel B.:
Is it possible he was waiting for you to call him?

You both are busy people so he could have been waiting for you to contact him when you were free. Or he just really is that busy. It's a lot of speculation.

I would give him the benefit of the doubt. If he does it again, then write him off.

Agree with PP. Cannot see why the fact that he did not contact you sooner would make it a no go, I mean you didn't contact him either, did you..?

Anything could have happened in his life that meant that he had little time to meet up. I'd absolutely go ahead and meet him if that is what you want to do, and not think about the time aspect.

(Also, just hoping that you had told him in advance when you met up that you only had an hour..? I agree that first dates are often better short, but an hour can be quick if that includes taking turns standing at the counter to order coffee e.g....)

Thanks. I've let him know I'm busy this week but given him a couple of suggested days next week.

Yes, I let him know in advance I only had an hour for the first date.

Sounds like a great start then :-)

Personally I like it when dates don't get back to you immediately about meeting up again, shows they have a life of their own!


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