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Tell me if I'm being silly.

A good friend came to my daughter's birthday party in September.  She took a bunch of really nice (and semi-professional) pictures and posted them to facebook.

She tagged me in a bunch of them, which I did not mind.  They were gorgeous pictures and it was nice for my extended family in China to see them.

She tagged a location in them which is not where we were.  There is apparently a local business in China that contains a part of my husband's family name.  She tagged us as being there.  In China.  Which we weren't and have never been.  And it is driving me absolutely crazy that this random location is showing up in my "places" map on my timeline.  I cannot remove the map.  All I can do is untag myself in the album.  I don't want to do that because I do like the fact that my own friends and family can see these very lovely photos.

Do you think it would be rude or out of line to ask her to untag the location?

My guess is that it autofilled when she tried to put in something like "Husband's Name Residence." I think you could bring it up to her in a lighthearted "Look at the weird stuff technology does!" sort of way.

Actually, I thought the issue was that she basically mapped the actual location for your house for all and sundry and posted it on fb.

You are being silly.

It sounds like a weird auto fill thing. If it bugs you that much, bring it up to her.


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