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Bringing a Baby to an Adult Party

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Personally it isn't the venue that I am really against, it's just a home with an old man and some young girls hanging around and doing whatever things I totally don't want to know about, but rather that it was likely a party that was not meant to be for children and the vibe of the event did not suit the baby at all.

I think it's not nearly as big of a deal as it seems just because it involves the Playboy mansion. Some parents made a poor choice of where to bring a very young child, they probably won't be bringing the baby to anymore high energy shindigs that for sure, but nothing that I feel is deserving of much attention.

I just wish I had an invitation... I would go dressed up as a giant banana! And then win the costume for Most Dressed Lady  >:D


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You win!

All the nekkid women and partying aside, from what I can tell, Hugh Hefner is an impeccable host that takes etiquette very seriously.  I'm sure that he and his staff were just caught by surprise when a baby showed up.  Hef also has an infamous "do not admit" list for offenders. 

The article states that the Grammers couldn't find a babysitter, which implied that they knew that they should have had a babysitter. 


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