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Author Topic: The Josh Stevens Foundation - Be Kind  (Read 3345 times)

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The Josh Stevens Foundation - Be Kind
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:39:42 PM »
This started as a local foundation and has spread to different parts of the US, which I think is great.  Drew Stevens started this in memory of his son, Josh, who was killed in a tragic accident.  One of the things people always said about Josh is that he was a kind person - he went out of his way to make others feel included or help others, which is a big deal - especially in middle school.

The school I teach at was one of the first in our area to adopt the Be Kind program.  We have cards to give to kids when we "catch" them in the act of being kind - for example, I the last card I handed out was to a girl in my class who sits next to my singular ELL student and acts as a peer helper for her.  I didn't ask her to do this, she took it upon herself and she is extremely patient and kind.  The great thing about Be Kind rewards is that they truly are for everyone, you don't have to be an academic/athletic standout to get one, you just have to be kind and decent.  The kids who get "caught" also get "Be Kind" tshirts, and every Wednesday is Be Kind day - everyone on staff wears their shirts, and the kids who have been "caught" wear theirs as well.  They are proud to wear them, which is fantastic!

Drew Stevens travels all over the place to spread the program around.  If you have a local school you think could benefit from this, by all means contact him and let him know.  It is a truly wonderful way to remember someone who was very precious to his family and friends.

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