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Graham crackers

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I wasn't sure to put this here or in Trans-Atlantic Knowledge exchange since it covers both  ;D

I've found an awesome recipe for Peanut Butter bars but it uses Graham cracker crumbs and we Aussies don't have Graham crackers. So can any of you lovely US ehellions suggest a subsitute? I gather graham crackers aren't really sweet so my usual biscuit crumbs might not work

I think digestive biscuits or teddy grahams would work.  If you like peanut butter with chocolate, oreos can be crushed/ground up for desserts also.

Maybe vanilla wafers or maria cookies might work. 

Outdoor Girl:
Digestives would be the best substitute, I think.  Graham crackers are a very similar consistency to digestives and have about the same amount of sweetness.  (Canadian here - I get both British (Commenwealth) and US goods.   :))

I agree with the digestives.  I used them as a substitute for pie crusts when I lived in Perth.


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