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Sun of York

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Flora Louise:
Am I the only one interested in this story?


Have the remains now been confirmed and if the King, will there be a state funeral?

They haven't yet been identified. I believe that if they are, they will be reinterred at the cathedral, but there are no plans for a state funeral.

Interesting. I imagine it would take a while to gather all the evidence necessary to say it was the king.

My vote (ha!) is to give him a watered down version of a state funeral so that all the history buffs can go. I'd go, if I lived over there.

Barney girl:
I heard the tale end of a discussion on the radio the other day about where the remains should be buried if it is Richard III. Someone made the point that it should be in York. He was very popular in the north of England and ruled well as Governor of the North.

Would the Queen be the one to make the decision on final disposition of the remains?  Although not a descendant, I imagine she is arguably the closest living relative. 


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