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--- Quote from: scotcat60 on January 28, 2013, 08:26:43 AM ---If it isn't him, it's going to be like Geraldo all over again...

Who is Geraldo? (I'm in the UK and need an explanation)

--- End quote ---

I'm in the UK too - Geraldo used to be on TV here as well.

He is a TV show host who once did a special live show where Al Capone's vault was opened.  It was really, really hyped up that exciting stuff would be found (riches, body parts...) - but there was nothing beyond a few dirty bottles.


Geraldo Rivera was an extremely annoying television reporter.   In the little town where I lived, there was a nasty incident when a freight train caught fire in a tunnel.  Geraldo was right there sticking a microphone into the faces of emergency personnel trying to get in and deal with the mess. Other reporters were there and allowed to stay but Geraldo had to be escorted from the site by the State Troopers.       

When the news world got sick and tired of him, He became a host of talk shows that focused on the sensational and lurid.  In the NYC area, he gained the nickname of 'Horrendo Revolver'.

Here in the US we've heard about the Richard III discovery. It's an interesting story and we look forward to more information.  I doubt that, if the remains really are those of Richard, there will be much official recognition of a reburial.  The Richard III Society will provide the hoop-la. 

It's him!

He will be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral.

We had he announcement here this morning.  It's good that the question is settled.

The discovery also means that we're likely to get the documentary in the US.  That would be neat to see.


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