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The day after Thanksgiving is a continuing feast for the in-law family plus DDs friends.

I'm hosting this year and I'm really stuck for menu ideas. Looking at 20ish+ guests.

My original thought was to postpone our annual bring-your-own-steak horseradish party, but my horseradish crop wasn't so big this year and I've been giving it out to friends, etc. so I really don't think that bring-your-own-steak is hostess-worthy since I won't be gifting anything to the guests. :-\

Italian food (pasta, etc.) is pretty much out. SIL is an uber Italian chef (studied in Italy) so I'm a bit overwhelmed . . . not trying to out do her or match her or, well, even coming up to par kinda scares me.

Last time I hosted I did a chili for the main dish with lots-o-sides.

I'm looking for a "comfort" main dish . . . would a meatloaf work? with mashed potatoes/veggies/salad? Anybody have an out-of-this-world meatloaf recipe?

Maybe a taco-bar? with nachos and quesadillas as appetizers?

I have a great recipe for a sea-food Jambalaya (Emeril's) What would you serve with Jambalaya? (apps/sides?)

There will be one person allergic to shellfish and possibly a vegetarian or two. I do not have a problem with separating the main dish during cooking in order to cater to their needs (I've done this before.)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Recipes? HELP?  ;D

P.S. DD#2 thinks I should just order another turducken and stop stressing. ::)

What about a jambalaya?  Very easy to fix and can be made in large amounts without a lot of extra work.  Plus, since jambalaya can be made with whatever meat, sausage, and/or seafood combination you want, you can tailor it to the needs and preferences of your guests -- or even make it different ways in different batches.  Add a salad, and you're good to go!

Although I've never made it in a slow cooker, it should be very suitable for that method of cooking, which frees up more of your holiday time.

isn't the day after thanksgiving usually Leftovers Day?  >:D (to me, that's the whole point of t-giving...).

meatloaf with mashed potatoes sounds great! or you can do one of those slow cooker shredded beef dishes, and serve yummy breads/rolls, spreads, and salads.

Being in Texas, Mexican food is always our day after meal if we are having a family get together.

While enchiladas is our standard I wouldnt do it for that large of a crowd. But you could do a enchilada casserole or do King Ranch casseroles.  Good sides ate a big batch of baracho beans and a salad of tomatoe, cucumber, avocado, and tomatoes with a cilantro lime dressing.  A crock pot of chili con quest and tortillia chips for a starter. 

I like the idea of a taco bar and you can add baked potatoes as well.  The possibilities are endless for the bar and can cover a wide variety of needs at the same time.
Fresh salsa, guacamole, black beans, corn, green chili white cheese dip, along with different grated cheeses, peppers etc.  You can have a fun array of hot sauces for people to try. 


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