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Question for those who do online, text roleplaying

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It's not that I'm particular about grammar, as I know that mine isn't stellar. And it isn't as though they type posts that would make the angels weep before suddenly switching into chatspeak. The change isn't severe. I'm not terribly particular to begin with-a few minor spelling/grammatical errors are fine, and sometimes I start out knowing that they'll be making a few of those. Then we'll keep going and they'll steadily get worse, to the point where it's distracting to a reasonable person. Perhaps they are getting caught up in the drama but I don't think that's a reason to get careless to the point where you're using words that don't make sense in context and spelling several things incorrectly.

I know that I should probably say something (as there is an OOC provision) but right now I'm at a loss. I think "Hey, would you mind proof-reading your responses for grammatical and spelling errors, they're getting distracting) would come across as snotty. I wish I had some examples to post on here, because I promise that it isn't just me being snotty. It's an actual issue.

Distracting errors are annoying, but because the errors do not interfere with your ability to understand them, I wouldn't bring it up. Because this is a social exchange, I don't really think it's appropriate to bring up mechanics. In the case of professional and academic settings, I would absolutely mention it. (I don't think it's snotty to be annoyed by lazy writing. I'm a professional grammando and my friends will periodically use dreadful grammar just to see my English Teacher Death Twitch. I just don't think it's as important to everyone as it is to people like us. If you can easily understand what they're saying, then asking for something closer to SEE is a personal preference and not really something that you should dictate.)

If the errors get to the point where understanding is difficult, then I do think you can bring it up. I'm not a gamer, so I'm not sure how you'd make an aside, but something like, "Can you please give your posts a quick once-over before you send them? I think your autocorrect is on the fritz. I wasn't sure what you meant by 'raffling goop' at first. It took me a minute to realize you meant 'grappling hook." I guess that if the errors are distracting enough that they really take you out of the scene, you could say something similar. I'd blame autocorrect and use a specific example of something that confused you.

What is the time lapse between the posts?  Could the person possibly be imbibing some sort of adult beverage that impairs the ability to type after a period of time?

I have no idea about the RP situation, but would it work to ask about this in-character, as if the person is in front of you, speaking, rather than on the computer, typing?  Like when you notice the mistakes, you ask (type) something like: "Hey, Character, are you feeling okay?  You're starting to slur your words/I'm not really understanding what you're saying.  Do you need a nap?"

I text alot and I think you should say something if it's bothering you. Maybe say it funny like it's no big deal and even through in a text joke like "Hey guys would you mind trying a little harder with the grammar, it's kinda bugging me. That would be really leet of you! Thanx!", LilacRosey

Diane AKA Traska:
I wish I had actual advice, except to say that when I used to play in the Red Dragon Inn on AOL, ::mumblemumble:: years ago, the same problem existed then.  The only thing I can say is, if it seriously inhibits the flow of RP, then a) make a note of who they are for future reference, b) s l o w the scene waaaay down (if it's chat room, pause a little longer than usual between each send... if it's play-by-post, then take a while longer to respond than usual, and c) if all else fails, make up a reason why you can continue.  For chat rooms, this is easy "brb, the fern just attacked my kid", for play-by-post, just say that you've gotten busier and can't devote time to playing right now.  Then play a character nobody knows about for a while.  ;)

(Hey!  I DID have actual advice!)


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