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Windows 8

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My DH decided to put the new Windows on his laptop.

To his great surprise and disgust, Windows 8 turned his laptop into something that acts like my iPad.

All his previous programs are gone. He cannot play any DVDs on the laptop. His virus protection is gone.

A screen comes up where he can get apps for it.

To turn it off, he pushes the On button.

How weird!

A friend of mine is currently assisting someone who bought a new computer with Windows 8 installed.  She's generally pretty good with figuring glitches out, but I gather Windows 8 is taxing her ingenuity!

I tend not to upgrade anything until new systems are proven reliable.  Saves a lot of grief.  Can your husband go back to his previous configuration?  Any time I make changes, I'll "save" the old configuration in case there are difficulties - makes life a bit easier if I can just return all settings to last functional operation.

When they announced Win8, I winced. It's a great lightweight OS for tablets and to some extent laptops. But when they extended it to include desktops also, I facepalmed.  It is designed to be touch-friendly, but the vast majority of desktops do not use touchscreens.  Desktops, due to greater storage and capabilities, are generally required to be more flexible and customizable than tablets or laptops, and with Win8, it really forces things to "fit" - square pegs, round hole, etc.  I really wish MS had just released it as a tablet OS, possibly laptop as well, and allowed their dev team to build something more dynamic for desktops.  I realize that touchscreen based OSes, like for tablets and mobile phones, are becoming more familiar to users, but many of us do NOT have experience with the "tiled" motif that they used. The reasoning for that tiling and the odd choices, I'm told, is because they determined that mobile phones/tablets were big thing and they should cater to that. No argument there but... yeah, no.  The only way you'll catch me with win 8 is when I have to eventually learn it for my chosen career (IT).  Otherwise, I will sit on Win 7 and wait for the next one.  If MS doesn't get their head out their (ahem) for the next release, I will jump ship to a non-Win based OS.

1) Never be an early adopter with software. The x.0 release is invariably full of bugs. Always wait until x.1 or later.
2) "Newer" is seldom the same as "better". To justify their existence, software engineers in particular will redo stuff that doesn't need redoing. Also because it's fun.
3) I'm told that there is a way to restore the traditional UI in Windows 8. I haven't installed 8 yet (just started upgrading from XP to Win 7 on some systems), so I don't know what it is.
4) Losing the DVD and virus protection: Did he do an upgrade in place or a fresh install? It sounds like your DVD codecs got deleted along with the virus protection
5) Always take a full system backup before performing something major like an OS upgrade; I use Norton Ghost and an enormous backup drive

Thank you for the responses!

I just read them to DH. He chuckled at some, nodded at others, and was interested in all of them.

He has decided that he's going to work with what he has ended up with. So far, he has put 3 games on it (Mahjongg, cribbage, and "Cut The Rope"). 

He said that the DVD player is now working if he runs a program with it.

He likes to try out new technologies, and this will be a challenge to play around with.


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