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What to do with Ricotta?

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A friend made some Ricotta cheese, and gave me some, but I am at a loss as to what to do with 5lbs of ricotta cheese. I've done baked ziti and lasagna and still have a good deal with cheese. ideas anyone?

stuffed pasta noodles
stuffed pitas with a salad type stuffing

Pancakes (with lemon, blueberries, or other fruits is really good)
Pizza topping

Send me some!!!
I could eat ricotta with a spoon.

It's good in cheesecake because it has that great, creamy texture but is really low fat.
Martha Stewart has some great ricotta-based vegetarian lasagnas (with squash, spinach or zucchini).
Mixed with yogurt in egg salad - better than mayo!

Whatever you do - use it up fast, ricotta tends to go bad really quick.

oz diva:
Personally I'd chuck it out, that stuff is tasteless.  >:D


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