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Is it ever ok to hang up on someone?

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Just wondering, is it ever ok to hang up on someone? My sister (and come to think of it, a few other family members too) think its ok to ring mr up to shout at me and/or accuse me of something.

The one thing I cannot stand is someone shouting at me over the phone. I have an issue with people shouting at me in general, but there's something about holding a phone with someone shouting oil of it. It's like a box full of noise.

When that happens, I do tell her to not shout in a firm (but not loud) voice and if she continues to do so I will hang up. And when she does, I hang up.

She will ring back, tell me off for hanging up on her and I tell her if she continues to shout at me I will hang up again.

Usually, the third time she calls me back she's at least civil.

Am I right in doing this? IMHO there's nothing under the sun that can't be discussed in a civil tone, but I might be the only one if my family who thinks this.

I think you are excused in that instance.  It isn't retaliatory rudeness, IMO, you are merely protecting yourself and setting boundaries.  If I were you, next time I would wait until she calls back calm enough to let you speak, inform her that from now on if she calls you up yelling, you will hang up and not pick up at all for the rest of that night.

I think anytime someone is yelling/cursing or threatening you, its fine to hang up.

When we have customers that do this, my manager will ask them to stop and tell them that if they do it once more, he is going to hang up. I don't give that warning. I hang up as soon as they start cursing at me.

Diane AKA Traska:
1) If someone is abusing you.
2) If you have tried repeatedly to end the call and they won't stop talking.
3) In an emergency.

Of course its ok to hang up on someone who is shouting at and berating you. Its also ok to not pick up when they call back and instead screen calls until they've settled down.

Its also ok to hang up on telemarketers after saying "no thank you" or "I'm not interested".
Its ok to hang up on recorded messages.
Its ok to hang up aftr saying "wrong number" without listening to any other questions (like "well what number is this?" Or "well actually you sound hot...")
Its ok to hang up on prank or obscene calls.
Its ok to hang up when the conection is so bad all you hear is "a up bur wha eh fo cha" or some variation therein.

Its also ok to hang up in the midst of an emergency like an oven fire or cat fight or kid bleeding, although its best to call back an apologise later.


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