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Refusing to meet the Royals

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The attached clip is from a morning show in Australia called Sunrise. They had a panel segment where they discussed several topics and the one that stood out for me was that one of the panellists was invited to be in a receiving line to meet the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall and refused out of respect for the late Princess Diana.
(not sure if this link will work outside Australia, if not let me know and I will try to find another)

Now this woman didn't make a big scene about not wanting to meet, she just took herself off to the champagne tent instead of getting into the line. But she has discussed it on Twitter and on the attached clip and given her reasons.

Leaving aside who did what to whom, is it right to refuse to meet the Prince and Duchess on moral grounds? Would you absent yourself rather than shake the Duchess of Cornwall's hand? Is it really betraying Diana's memory if even her children have accepted this woman into their family? 

(Also regarding the end of the video I apologise profusely on behalf of all Australians. We're not all like that, it's a very small, very disgraceful section of the community)

I think you have the right to refuse to meet someone if you do not want to meet them, but I don't agree with the tweeting and video clip promotion. No one would be criticizing the decision if it hadn't been advertised as a decision.

I agree with afbluebelle.  Just because you are royalty doesn't mean I have to like or respect you, and I certainly don't have to "meet" you.  But publishing it all over the internet, takes that decision to a much lower level and that is not okay.  It is like giving someone the cut-direct - you have your reasons for doing so, but you don't advertise them to all and sundry.


Do people really not like Camilla at all?
I like her and she is Prince Charles one true love, not Diana.
Was this at the Melbourne Cup? I worked there as a cleaner and wish I got to see her.  :D

I agree with afbluebell and MyFamily - if you don't want to meet someone, fine. Advertising the decision to all and sundry - not fine.

JonGirl - I don't have a problem with Camilla personally, but the early 80s were so inundated with the "fairytale" romance of Charles and Diana that I can see how some people may be a bit biased. I don't have a lot of interest in the royal family as such but it all happened a long time ago.


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