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Refusing to meet the Royals

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--- Quote from: JadeAngel on November 11, 2012, 11:07:53 PM ---I think in retrospect what I found most distasteful about it was that she went to the 'free champagne tent' rather than meet Camilla and Charles, which says to me that you're happy to take advantage of and enjoy the hospitality of your hosts, but not willing to take time to extend a basic courtesy to another guest who is a foreign dignitary.

Kind of on a par with someone who comes to the wedding only for the free meal and open bar and doesn't take the time to greet the hosts or thank them for their hospitality at the end of the evening...

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Were they the hosts?  This is a little unclear to me.  Were they the hosts, honored guests, what?  And if they we re the hosts where do the funds come from? Does the money for them to host those kinds of shindigs come from taxes or some other source? I realize it gets a little political but I think that hosting on the government dime might be a bit different than hosting on your own.


--- Quote from: audrey1962 on November 07, 2012, 12:58:36 PM ---My SIL once had a chance to be in a receiving line to meet (then) President Bill Clinton. She decided to stand in line for a hot dog instead.

But she doesn't tweet about it.

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 :o  :o

I'd do anything to meet that guy.

You can refuse to meet someone on moral grounds.  You lose on etiquette grounds when you tweet about it afterward.


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