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Refusing to meet the Royals

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I agree. Chosing not to meet someone is fine. Turning it into a publicity stunt is not.
And I do not think that it honours anyone's memory to drag up past wrongs when those most concerned have chosen to move on.

Does she refuse to meet anyone who has ever cheated? That would include Diana herself. This smells like hypocrisy to me.

While she does have the right to refuse to meet anyone she likes, she should be more classy about it.

She can refuse for whatever reason she pleases. Tweeting said reason- not necessary.

Had she simply not gone and said nothing about it, she'd have been fine. Had anyone asked if she'd met them and she'd said something along the lines of, "No. I was in the champagne tent during the presentation," she would have been fine. Had anyone asked why and she'd offered an excuse like, "Oh, it just isn't my thing," she'd have been fine.

It's the bragging about it that's tacky.

This is in very poor taste.  The interpersonal details of what went on between Charles and Di have been out there for all to read, yes, but at this point do people really feel the need to judge the third (fourth, fifth, etc) parties involved?  Obviously Camilla was more than a passing fancy, they're married now, and it's not up to this woman to "stand up" for Diana by snubbing Camilla due to her own moral judgements.

Declining quietly is one thing, but this just smacks of attention-grabbing.


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