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Bean dipping a break-up?

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--- Quote ---However, recently she found out he had started d@ting someone new and impulsively sent him a text demanding her washer/dryer back. Long story short, she has started talking about her ex again, going as far as saying, "This feels like we're breaking up all over again." Since their breakup, they have had little contact (if any). So now we're back to her talking about him, except it's worse.
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Sounds like she wasn't really done with him, but was hoping he would decide to commit, and she could go "home". So when she found out he was d@ting, it hurt. In a sense, it really is "breaking up all over again." And now she wants the stuff she left there in hope/expectation of starting again. (BTDT. Poor kid.)

The tactic that worked on me was some cold water thrown over me by my BFF. Lovingly. She responded to remarks about him by saying, "Too bad he turned out to be an [expletive]." (I believe the filter replaces that word with "bacon-fed knave.")

This gave me the opportunity to vent about him. As I took it in for good, I'd pause, realize it was true, and say, "Yeah, he is, isn't he?" She really helped me get past the venting stage. After that, regular beandips worked on me. If I mentioned something about going to the beach with him, she'd talk about the beach.

You know your niece better than I do; you'll know whether either of these will work on her.

Good luck to both of you.


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