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You Are Responsible for Your Own Registration

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Harriet Jones:
When I started college, we registered for classes by filling out the little bubbles on Scantron forms and waiting in line to submit them.  By the time I graduated, we had gone to online registration.  *So* much nicer.  An instructor may have needed to approve your registration for certain classes, but you always had to register for classes yourself.

The OP certainly did everything she could, and the grad student was rude in the way she hung up.  But, I suspect the student had just about had it and was frustrated in the way that trying to get classes you want and need but can't can frustrate someone. 

The online registration system at my undergrad was know for it's quirks - and it was also known that if registration started at 12pm, some of the best classes were gone by 12:05.  If you were a senior and couldn't get into the system to get classes you needed to graduate and called in desperation trying to get help...I suspect hanging up abruptly would be considered polite. 

It doesn't mean the grad student was correct, but really, registering for classes can be almost as serious as picking a mate! - and it can drive people a little batty.


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