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Asian (maybe Japanese) rice dish that is brown colored (*not* brown rice)

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anyone ever seen this? I ate at a restuarant last night - had a delicious dish of chicken on a bed of rice. the rice was brown colored but it wasn't brown rice (i.e., it was white rice, probably some kind of long grain/basmatti/tilda rice, that due to spice and I-don't-know-what, was brown in color). it was listed on the menu as "stir fried rice with vegetables" so i was expecting "white rice that is dotted with itsy bitsy pieces of veg and was pleasantly surprised. this dish was mixed with some vegetables

does anyone know what i'm talking about? recipes? i'm tring to phone the restaurant but no reply and i don't know if they will give me the recipe. i've tried googling but it keeps giving me recipes for "brown rice" (=whole grain) ::).

Soy sauce is the most likely ingredient. Stir-fried rice usually has soy sauce (in my experience anyway) and it colours the rice brown.

It's probably a variant of okonomiyaki-/ tonkatsu sauce, a thick mixture of soy sauce and worchester sauce. There's probably a bit of powdered seaweed in there as well.

That's just the soy sauce on regular long grain white rice. The onion gives it most of the flavor, with a little celery, carrots, peas and scrambled eggs. Well, that's how our local Chinese restaurant serves it, and it is owned and run by people from China.

It is most likely soy sauce as that's the common way of doing it - was it sweet at all?


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