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In the Washington Post's Letters to the Editor, a man wrote that an elderly couple were concerned about the wife's ability to stand in the long voting lines.  A young lady who was towards the front of the line and had already waited about 45 minutes, gave them her spot and walked to the back of line.  That is so wonderful!


That's good stuff.

Wow.  That's awesome.  Especially when you consider that someone on a local forum here was complaining that his local precinct was letting the handicap go ahead.  His thought was that they were in wheelchairs and some had assistants so they could sit while they waited and no one should get to line jump when voting because no one's right to vote was more important than anothers.  I agree that everyone's vote is just as important as the next persons, but really?  How much longer could it take to let those with disabilities go ahead?  At least they were coming out to vote. 

I encountered this on election day as well, where an elderly couple had come out to vote but had parked in the regular lot.  The man helped his (I assume) wife into her wheelchair but then seemed to be unable to get her moving up the hill toward the door.  I heard him tell her that he'd have to go find someone to help, and so I went over to offer to push her up to the door.  Two other people, one of whom was wrangling three little kids, all approached her as I did with offers to help as well, and we all helped them get to the tables.  They were both very appreciative and it made my day a lot happier to see so many folks wiling to lend a hand.


Virg, I was drinking a cup of coffee when I read that. Do you know how difficult it is to swallow coffee around a sudden, surprising lump in the throat?

Thank you for helping. I am glad you live in such a neighborly community.


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