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gramma dishes:
What a really neat thing to hear.  And they didn't even ask if she was going to vote for someone other than "their" choice!  :)

But I must confess that when I hear about these long wait lines it kind of puzzles me.  I live in a county where pretty much every eligible adult does vote.  Yet I've never had to wait in line.  Not even for a minute. 

They always have at least eight voting booths and a slew of judges.  You just walk right up to the table, give your name, they hand you a slip of paper with your name preprinted on it, you hand it to someone else and that person hands you a ballot!  You go to an empty booth, vote and then put your ballot into a machine that sort of sucks it right in.

No wait at all.  The whole process takes about two minutes longer than the time you spend actually marking your ballot and you're out the door.   The hardest part is finding parking!

It's interesting that in some places the procedure takes such a long time.  It seems like the long wait might be too much for a lot of people and might discourage voters from coming in at all.  Isn't there a way they can streamline things a bit?  Maybe add more booths?  Encourage more 'early voting'?

And thank you too, Virg, for being so willing to assist!  All Americans should be like you.  Sadly not everyone is!


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