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I don't know if this fits here but here goes.

I got a raise yesterday. I was recently given a promotion and my responsibilities have increased. I work for one of the big three automotive companies not a small business. My raise...$100 a month more.

I know I should be grateful but to be honest I find it rather insulting. I work hard and am always willing to work more hours to help out. Ive even come in on my days off and worked and we don't get paid OT. We are on salary so it doesn't matter if you work 80 hours or 100 hours the checks are always the same.

Anyway do I say anything, come across as ungrateful and take a chance at pissing off the boss? Do I keep it to myself? Advice please!

Is there any way you can guesstimate what your predecesor was getting?  I would find it hard to believe that that person was making only $100 more per moth.  And did that person quit (maybe because of the money or lack thereof) or did tey also get a promotion? 

Or maybe approach the boss to inquire if the $100 is a typo?  When he asks why, just say you were under the impression that the inreased responsibilities warrented a more  significant raise in wage. 

Of course, this advise is coming from the person who returned a $25 Christmas bonus (company had 5 employees at the time) after being there 14 months becasue "the company obviously needed the money more than I did". 

Yes its absolutely $100 a month because my manager took me into an office and closed the door to tell me so nobody would overhear the announcement. I'm surprised balloons didn't drop from the ceiling LOL!

Nobody was fired but I was given the job because they are trying to make improvements to the front line and want a more experienced person then what was in the position before. They want someone who can do the job the way they want it done and the way it should and needs to be done.

I am seriously considering telling them to just keep it. All its going to do is put me in a higher tax bracket and $100 bucks isn't worth that to me.

Just Lori:
Would you be open to other benefits, such as an increased vacation schedule or some sort of stock option?  A company car? ;)

You probably know this, but oftentimes managers are given a lump sum that they must distribute among employees.  Your manager's hands may be tied on the financial end, but there also may be other benefits available.

I'd definitely use the tax burden increase in your argument.  At the very least, I'd talk to a good financial advisor about options to keep your tax rate from increasing while still taking advantage of the money.  Also, check your health benefits cost.  If that cost is going up, the raise may cancel out.

Good luck.  I know we can all spout platitudes about how we're lucky to have the jobs we have, and we all know people who haven't seen a raise in years, but those don't take away from the uncomfortable situation you are in.

I don't know your industry or your job, so I don't know what's fair. If your raise is truly unfair or less than you deserve, you should talk to your boss.

But, don't go in with a hostile tone. You won't get anywhere that way. Tell your boss you were surprised at the amount and how much you were expecting. Tel him/her WHY you were expecting that much (detail your responsibilities, extra work you are doing, how your position has changed). And then ask why the amount was not what you expected. Ask respectfully.

Is your company non-profit? Have there been budget concerns?


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