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Author Topic: A question for the health professionals out there- new Question post #24  (Read 11924 times)

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Re: A question for the health professionals out there- new Question post #24
« Reply #30 on: November 09, 2012, 12:38:04 AM »
I am not a healthcare worker, I am a mommy.  Having said that, I am know to be methodical and reasonable in an emergency.   My mom acquired C-dif and I was able to address her needs fairly well.  Especially keeping her clean and dry.  About a year later my mom was diagnosed with end stage breast cancer.  She was immediately place under the management of hospice but at home.  The honor of provide her end of life care was given to me. 

Mom had surgery with open drains and all it entailed.  In the two weeks that she lived I used almost 200 pairs of neoprene gloves (mom was allergic to latex).  When I changed dressings on one surgical site, washed my hands and changed gloves before setting up to address another wound.  I dealt with things the average person doesn't even know exist.  The part that is somewhat funny is that I can handle anything fluid or solid from the chin down.  I cannot handle tears, spit or nose things.  Sorry just can't.  Mom had a drain from her gall bladder that became clogged and I had to manually aspirate it.  No problem I handled it.  About 15 minutes later I had to get my dad because my moms nose was running and I couldn't deal with that. 

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